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Candy Cart

May 9th, 2014

The Toffee Nosed Cake Company are delighted to announce a brand new addition to our product range. We are constantly seeking to provide the best products and services to our valuable customers. So in addition to all of our other wonderful products we are pleased to now be able to offer you our candy carts. A candy cart is a fun way to add a little extra something to your party or event.  We literally have hundreds of sweets for you to choose from and 8 different packages, so whether you are planning a small event or a huge soiree we are sure there will be something to suit you. Furthermore, if you have booked your celebration or wedding cake from us too, you are entitled to a discount. Some customers have saved up to 25% more than they would’ve by going to two separate providers for their cake and candy cart.

Each package price includes, delivery and set-up at your venue (within a 10 mile radius) as well as all bags, scoops/tongs, jars, sweets and decorations to match your chosen colour scheme or theme. In addition, we don’t recycle your sweets! Any sweets not used during your celebration are bagged and left for you and your guests to enjoy at a later time.

If you would like all of the fun, excitement and nostalgia that a candy cart can add to an event, please get in touch by sending an email to or telephone 07454 555648.

PLEASE NOTE! the system does not always allow Hotmail email account users to receive emails from The Toffee Nosed Cake Company and as such if you do email us please ensure you leave a contact telephone number or a suitable alternative email address for us to get in touch with you.

Best wishes The Toffee Nosed Cake Company

Spring has Sprung

April 6th, 2014

Here at The Toffee Nosed Cake Company we are busy with the season’s first weddings and looking forward to congratulating couples as they embark upon a new chapter in their lives.  Aside from weddings we are also looking forward to celebrating Easter. There’s daffodils all around, the weather is a little warmer and it feels like after a long winter, spring has finally sprung! At this time of the year I start looking forward to picnics, longer evenings, generally feeling brighter in mood and looking forward to good times with family and friends. Easter is a wonderful time of year and often the first time since Christmas that most of us indulge in a little luxury.

We are hosting an Easter event on April 12th 2014 2pm – 5pm. We welcome you all to join us in some seasonal cheer with free tastings of our Easter produce. We have a range of yummy delights for you to choose from at the event. There’s traditional Simnel Cake, as well as our not so traditional ‘Sinful’ Cake, which is a dark and delicious chocolate cake. The ‘Honey Bunny’ is our moist and moorish carrot cake. Spring Rainbow, the rainbow is a baked tricolour vanilla and strawberry cheesecake. We also have French Macaroons to try, the flavours are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Not to mention a cheeky little drink for all who attend.

If you would like to come along please call 07454 555648, send us an email or ‘like’ the event on Facebook and click attend

Special Dietary Requirements

March 25th, 2014

Hi everyone, we have been a little pre-occupied with wedding season and creating beautiful cakes, so sorry for the delay in blogging. There’s been a lot going for the Toffee Nosed Cake Company since we launched but we love communicating with our customers so we are taking a little time out of the kitchen………………….. To tell you what we have been doing in the kitchen.

Ok, so! As we keep telling you our cake are all handmade. And as we get more and more requests for special dietary requirements, we have been busy trialling the best recipes for eggless, vegan, gluten free and diabetic cakes. It’s been fun and exciting and even a little stressful at times. Why? Because for us it’s not enough to just bake a cake, we want to bake the ‘perfect cake’. For us, perfection means delivering the same moist, flavoursome experience in all our cakes; even the ones that have to omit allergens or meet particular religious or dietary needs.

A number of clients have requested eggless cakes but find that eggless cakes they have eaten in the past are too dry, too heavy or taste of nothing. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot have a delicious egg free cake, which is full of flavour, light in texture and moist in the mouth. We have created numerous eggless flavours for you, and of course, you still get our unique, high quality design. All lovingly hand created by us.


In addition, we have found the perfect flour blend for gluten free cakes, this means we can provide over 20!,Yes! Over 20 delicious gluten free cakes for you……. So celiac’s need not feel that they are missing out on the fun. What’s more, there is zero taste and texture difference so if you’re having a celebration and only a few of your guests are gluten intolerant they can still enjoy the same cake as everyone else, without anyone being any the wiser.


Vegan cakes, now this was a bit of a challenge, but like the eggless cakes we have still used natural ingredients to create some yummy flavours you. Our vegan carrot cake is by far the most popular of all of our vegan cakes. It’s super moist and bursting with flavour. If you have any special dietary needs, please get in touch to find out more. Call 07454 555648 or email us

Please note that you should leave a contact telephone number as Hotmail accounts do not always receive the emails that we send.

As you know we are passionate about creating exceptional cakes here at The Toffee Nosed Cake Company.   We love getting interesting requests from customers and certainly love taking on new challenges. It seems that each week there is a cake that really does make us smile. It could be something of simple beauty, a cake with a fantastic design or something that’s ‘of the hook’ wacky! This week, the cake that stood out the most had to be the Harry Potter book cake. The cake was for a 21st birthday party of a Harry Potter loving young lady. Her parents initially came in to order the cake it was clear from the outset that we would need to create something truly spectacular for their daughter.


The planning of the cake was fairly straightforward, the vision for the cake was easy to establish. It seemed right that the book (cake) had an aged appearance. What’s more, there needed to be a slightly feminine edge to it, in that it needed softening somehow to reflect the fact that it was for a rather petit and sweet 21 year old young lady. The cake was softened by making it appear as though it was laying on delicate folds of gold material, rather than placing it on a board decorated to look like wood or stone, as is often the case with book cakes. It seemed important to give the cake a truly personal feel and so the text seen on the left page was a story we had created about the young ladies parents meeting, marrying and her subsequent birth. The Golden Snitch was sprinkled with some edible glitter for a little extra lustre and sheen and a deeper feminine edge. The cake itself was a rich chocolate fudge filled with our handmade chocolate ganache. The client had been in previously and sampled a selection of flavours and settled on the chocolate cake.


The ultimate test of whether or not we have created something that the client likes is when they see it for the first time. We certainly wowed them with this one! The client couldn’t believe that every bit of the cake was edible. They loved the personalised short story we created, so safe to say it was another job well done!         Please feel free to comment or ask questions below, ‘like us’ on Facebook, ‘follow us’ on Twitter @toffeenosedccake, find and ‘pin’ our cakes on Pintrest or find us Instagram. /



Created by Masterchef Semi-finalist

Wedding Cakes

January 15th, 2014

Wedding cake season is about to ‘kick off’ and here at The Toffee Nosed Cake Company we are truly excited about this magical season. Winter is hopefully on its way out and we welcome the spring and many forthcoming nuptials.


So where does it all start? Well, it’s all in the ‘bake’. Here at Toffee Nosed every cake, no matter if it’s in the form of little cake pop or an outstanding and extravagant wedding cake. It all starts with creating a deliciously moist, deeply flavoursome cake. We have some truly exciting flavours on offer! Of course our vanilla sponge is yummy but why not make things a little more exciting with Baileys’ Irish Cream, our signature sticky toffee or rich and fudgy chocolate cake. How’s about a decadent Jamaican fruit cake with lashings of rum and warm spice? Maybe you could get boozy and fruity with chocolate and orange liqueur. Our cheeky monkey’s love our banana cake or perhaps a chunky monkey version, with banana and dark and white chocolate chips. Get totally tropical with luscious lime and coconut cake. The possibilities are truly endless and because we have nothing to hide, you get the opportunity to taste the cake you choose before ordering with us. I know we go on about this but our cakes really are freshly made to order. So many companies freeze their cakes, we do not! A number of companies buy their cakes, we do not! No matter what cake you choose it will be freshly made using ingredients that produce a high quality and delicious finish. What’s more we also specialise in fresh high quality eggless, vegan, gluten free and anti-allergen cakes.


So you have tried and loved our delicious cakes, so now it’s time to focus on the design. During your consultation we will discuss every aspect of your wedding day to ensure that your cake creates a wonderful centre piece. Quality comes as standard at The Toffee Nosed Cake Company. We are constantly seeking out inspiration and updating our knowledge and skills in the industry to ensure that we bring you the very best cake you can afford. We have a range of styles for you to choose from. We also welcome working collaboratively with you to bring you dreams into scrumptious reality. We work with skilled artists and engage with designers in the UK and America to ensure that what we create is truly exceptional.


Furthermore, we are feeling very generous and want to start this year off as positively as last year ended. Therefore, The Toffee Nosed Cake Company have some fantastic offers for you to take advantage of. Please ask about our weekday wedding offers, concessions and free stuff………. That’s right folks we love giving you free stuff and money off!


As well as wedding cakes we do dessert tables. With a number of venues charging high prices for their desserts we want to help you keep your guests and your bank manager ‘sweet’, by offering you great prices on fun and funky, beautifully elegant desserts tables. Choose a combination of mouth-watering cheesecake, cupcakes, cake pops, truffles, miniature lemon and white chocolate bread and butter pudding, individual sticky toffee puddings and dessert pops and more.


Please feel free to comment below and ask any questions, call or email, we look forward to hearing from you.


Wedding party cupcakes

The Taste of Christmas @ The Toffee Nosed Cake Company, Coalway Rd, Penn, Wolverhampton, West Midlands has been a huge success! Customers who attended the event enjoyed sampling our selection of luxury, handmade Christmas fair.

People munched their way through our boozy Christmas pudding, sticky toffee pudding (our signature Christmas pudding) as well as our selection of Christmas cakes. The shop was virtually buzzing with sounds of enjoyment as guests nibbled away.

We have a vast selection of traditional and inspired handmade, luxury Christmas cakes. Choose from, traditional fruit cake matured in either authentic Jamaican rum or French brandy. Perhaps try our contemporary range, which includes a scrumptious chocolate and orange liquor, deluxe Christmas cake or our Madagascan vanilla and sweet cranberry Christmas cake. Naturally, all of our cakes are beautifully decorated and handmade to order. What’s more, because we create and bake our own cakes they can be made gluten free and even eggless. Thus, our vegan and wheat intolerant customers, friends and family can still indulge in some festive cakes this Christmas. The 4” Square cake makes a wonderful Christmas gift. Christmas cakes start at £15.00

Our range of handmade Christmas puddings offer a true taste of luxury. The Christmas pudding range is created to be rich, moist and simply delicious!  Choose from, either our traditional fruity pudding or our boozy pudding. For something a little different there’s our signature sticky toffee Christmas pudding. Puddings are available in small, medium and large, with prices starting at just £5.75. As our small puddings serve around 2 people that’s a wonderfully inexpensive way to add a little luxury to your Christmas dinner table.

Our range of opulent Christmas cupcakes are sure to delight. They’re a fun way to engage in some festive cheer even if you’re not a fan of richer Christmas cakes. These Christmas cakes are perfect on your Christmas buffet table if you’re entertaining children. You can order them in boxes of 6 for £10.00 12 for £18.00 or 24 for £34.00

Cake pops at Christmas are such fun and loved by many. They’re a flavoursome morsel of cake conveniently placed on a lollipop stick before being covered in a yummy coating. Try our Christmas cake pops for only £1.00 each, 6 for £5, 12 for £9.00 or 24 for £17.50.

Sicilian Layered Cake - The Toffee Nosed Cake Company

Website Launch

September 1st, 2013

Welcome! To what I hope is the first of many blogs from The Toffee Nosed Cake Company. We are feeling super excited and counting down to our shop launch in September. Where we are hoping to provide our customers with some truly delicious sweet treats!

What’s more, each month owner Dennice McKinnon will feature on YouTube, showcasing some great recipes for you all. We would really appreciate it if you liked us on Facebook and followed us on Twitter and YouTube. Please feel free to ‘pin’ our website, cakes and recipes on Pinterest.